15 Most Creative Food Packaging Designs

  • Japanese Black Melon Bread

We’d buy this Japanese black melon bread simply because the packaging is so amazing. The design surprises and delights consumers with its creativity and humor, making it unique and therefore catching the eye. Packaging.com states that the vast majority of consumers choose to purchase particular products while they’re in a store. In a mere 2.6 seconds, they decide whether to pick up a product or not. So packaging that shouts, “Pick me! Pick me!” is crucial.

  • b-Black-Melon-BreadBlood Energy Potion

Sucking blood just got tasty with this fruit-flavored energy drink. Not only does the drink have the same color and consistency as blood, it also has a similar nutritional makeup to the red stuff running through our veins. Harcos Laboratories have found a niche in the marketplace, creating food and drinks that are capable of “bringing pop culture to life.” Their scary energy potion, full of iron, electrolytes, protein and caffeine and served up in an IV bag, was created for vampire fans. It makes a great addition to Halloween, and without the IV bag this product just wouldn’t have the same appeal.c-Blood-Energy-Potion

  • Parmesan Cheese Pencil

German ad agency Kolle Rebbe teamed up with The Deli Garage to create the Parmesan Cheese Pencil. The re-imagined writing instrument even comes with a pencil sharpener that shaves off slivers of cheese, and features a dark center made up of pesto, chili or truffles. The pencil, which was awarded a Silver Lion for Design, was a limited-edition offer that quickly sold out. In October 2011, the Deli Garage made a post on its blog saying that the company hoped to one day offer the pencils on a wider scale, but added that it would take a while to meet the international food, distribution and packaging regulations required to do so.d-Parmesan-Pencil

  • Hanger Tea

Teabag labels have an annoying habit of falling into the cup, but this creative idea solves the problem completely. Novelty is the idea’s main selling point, and the T-shirt-shaped bags with color-coded hangers (which differentiate between flavors) add a whole new dimension to the tea-drinking experience. “Shape has a very strong influence on people’s perceived value,” says Rich Cohen, president of Chicago-based Distant Village Packaging. For this reason, one business owner chose to sell his maple syrup in a liquor-type bottle, conveying that it was a more sophisticated high-end product and not just something to smother on pancakes.Hanger-Tea

  • Fit Buns

This creative packaging idea was the brainchild of Ukrainian ad agency MEX. A gym was looking to increase its clientele, so MEX paired up with a bakery to create these high-protein six-pack buns for local stores. Inside the packaging was a coupon for a free visit to the workout center. Almost 3,000 packages of Fit Buns sold in the first month they were on offer, which led to 658 free trials and 217 membership purchases. Now that’s what we call an effective business idea – it was good for the stores, good for the gym and good for the customers.f-Fit-Buns

  • Chocolate Pills

Created by UK-based company Chocolate On Chocolate, these delectable pills come in medicine boxes labeled “Doctor Indulgence.” With 30 pills a box, the company says that the pills are a brilliant gift idea for sick friends and fun-loving chocoholics alike. The best part is that you can exceed the recommended daily dose. Offered in milk or dark chocolate, the pills are sure to boost anyone’s mood. And if pills alone don’t quite cut it, consumers can buy the company’s first aid kit, complete with chocolate Band-Aids, chocolate thermometers and more.chocolate-pills

  • Pop-up Popcorn

Finland native and Packlab designer Anni Nykänen created this sleek pop-up popcorn bowl that eliminates the need to stick your hand into a greasy microwave bag and adds an element of class and sophistication. Adding functionality to your packaging acts as an extra draw and makes the product even more valuable. Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn came up with a pop-up bowl concept as well, but it’s not nearly as sophisticated as Nykänen’s. Irish potato chip company Boxerchips also offer bags of chips that double as serving bowls.h-Popcorn

  • Pasta Multi Noodles

Another creative packaging idea to come out of The Deli Garage is this perfect pasta toolbox. Made by a family-owned business in Austria, these semolina and organic egg pasta shapes are just waiting to be smothered in delicious sauces. This fun, quirky product is attractive because it’s different, and that’s clearly what The Deli Garage aims for. Offering DIY-inspired culinary novelties such as Olive Oil Oil Change, Food Spray Food Finish and Chocolate Choco Glue, The Deli Garage makes cooking fun (and perhaps more manly).i-Nuts-and-Bolts-Pasta

  • Support the Breasts

Ad agency Envision created this innovative packaging for Kohberg, a major Danish bread manufacturer. Kohberg donates a percentage of the revenue from their rye buns to the Danish Cancer Society’s annual breast cancer event. These “Support the Breasts” buns were designed to increase breast cancer awareness and up product sales. The idea shows that creative packaging can benefit a company and a good cause. Similarly, using sustainable materials to package your goods can improve brand images and perceptions and make people feel good about buying your product.j-Support-the-Breasts

  • Eggshell Puddings

By using eggshells, How Sweet Bakery in Taiwan made their packaging creative, environmentally friendly and a perfect fit for their egg puddings. Visually, the result is charming and delightful. It took some work for the company to get the eggshells packaging concept to work. They had to get a special machine to cut the tops off the eggs without smashing them, and could only use shells from hens that were 350 to 500 days old, because their quality and thickness are too inconsistent outside of that range. According to one blogger who toured the factory in 2012, in the first three years of production How Sweet Bakery sold over 42 million egg puddings.k-Eggshell-Pudding-copy

  • Typo Tofu

Kids love alphabet soup, so why wouldn’t grown-ups fall for alphabet tofu? Student Jean-Maxime Landry made this creative tofu packaging idea in class. The idea sprang from Landry’s musings on how tofu is rather bland and boring, but when made into letters it suddenly becomes friendlier and he felt more inclined to use it. The advertising world also believes that bold, unique packaging can really help grab people’s attention. After all, if it came to eating humdrum chunks of tofu or Qs and Os, we’re pretty sure what we would choose.l-typo-tofu

  • Gnome Bread

This charming gnome bread is simple but effective, illustrating that creative packaging ideas don’t necessarily need to be complex or expensive. The trick is to be bold, but successfully standing out could be a more delicate and subtle task than most of us might expect. A 2011 study by a business professor at Baltimore-based private research university John Hopkins showed that some consumers felt that daringly-packaged products were much more effective than the dull competition. They therefore used them more thriftily, which affected long-term sales. Although the results may not apply to food items, this is one result of standout packaging that businesses should be aware of.m-Gnome-Bread

  • Hijos de Villa Tequila Gun

Unlike toilet-bowl cleaner and bug spray, food and drink, in general, doesn’t have to be promoted as effective. The tequila gun pictured doesn’t need to boast that it will successfully inebriate consumers. The selling point is how much fun you’ll have shooting people (and yourself) with tequila. This particular limited-edition tequila pistol was made as a tribute to the Villanueva-Barragan family, who own prestigious Mexican alcohol company Licores Veracruz.Ultimately, food and drink value is in the flavor, nutrition and enjoyment. For other businesses, John Hopkins researchers recommend using advertising cues that promote sales without overselling the product’s effectiveness. That way, consumers will still be inclined to buy the item but won’t curb their usage of it.Tequilla

  • Original PepperMint

This clever product design not only plays on words, it presents the peppermints in a designer-savvy and humorous way. Perhaps comparing the product to money is intended to make the mints seem more valuable to consumers. Online business community Meylah.com says that packaging is important as a first impression, and that it should be enjoyed just as much as the product itself. Designer Cory Etzkorn is responsible for creating this unique peppermint design, and states that these “federal-reserve-fresh mints come in two delicious and highly-stylized varieties sure to please your inner capitalist.”Peppermints

  • Gatorade

It can be quite tricky to wrap your hand around a bottle and sprint to the finish line. With that in mind, London-based designer Cadú Gomes came up with this handy solution for Gatorade. The bottle is purposefully designed for easy grip and conveys the power and branding implicit in Gatorade. The result is compelling, gimmicky and novel.

This example, like all the others, shows that if businesses are looking to stand out from the crowd and jostle for attention on overcrowded shelves, creative packaging is a must.101-exclusive-beautiful-packaging-designs

Source : http://www.businesspundit.com


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